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A Thriving Family Cigar Business
Maria Martin joined the Go-To-Market Show to discuss Pedro Martin Cigars, a business that has been in her family for generations. The daughter of the company's namesake, Martin is the president of the successful cigar manufacturer. Martin is the founder of the International Women's Cigar Society, which brings together women in the industry and female retailers and smokers. The cigar industry was dominated by men in the past. But Martin believes that's changed. She also talks about how social media has developed a community around the Pedro Martin Cigar brand, with customers often sharing photos of themselves enjoying the cigars on Facebook or Instagram.
Using LinkedIn to Build Your Brand
April Kelly joined the Go-To-Market Show to talk about the lessons from her latest book, "Spaghetti on the Wall: Branding and Networking Methods that Stick," and the power of LinkedIn in branding yourself in the job marketplace. As a former LinkedIn employee, Kelly offers a unique perspective on the role the social media platform can play in branding yourself. With people often changing careers every 18 months to three years, Kelly talks about the importance of rebranding yourself through that job change process. She discusses tips for building a valuable LinkedIn profile even if you're not looking to change careers, as well as why it is an important channel in the professional field for individuals and businesses.
Building Kansas City into a logistics hub
Chris Gutierrez talked with the Go-To-Market Show about what KC SmartPort is doing to attract logistics companies to the Kansas City area. Gutierrez is the president of KC SmartPort, a non-profit economic development group that promotes and grows Kansas City’s status as a leading logistics hub in North America. He examines why Kansas City is uniquely positioned in the logistics marketplace to attract businesses and how Google Fiber has helped drive a growth in data center projects to the area.
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Connecting with your purpose and identity
Munro Richardson joined the Go-To-Market Show to discuss his book and children’s activity app. Richardson’s book, “What’s in Your Kubburd? How to Use What You’ve Got to Make Meaning and Find Purpose in Your Life,” is about helping people discover and use their own talents to lead a life of satisfaction. Richardson also discusses the inspiration behind SallyBob, a children’s activity app that utilizes common items around the house, and the growth since its release this summer. Tying all those topics together, Richardson talks about the importance of educating and encouraging kids to be innovative and creative.
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Starting and growing small business
Rob Sweeney joined the Go-To-Market Show to talk about two companies he’s founded. Sweeney is the president and CEO of TextCaster, a mass mobile notification service, and MessageQube, a small device the elderly can use to receive and print text messages and photos. A supporter of entrepreneurship programs in the area, Sweeney also talks about the need to promote small business growth and the importance of education in promoting industry.
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