Three Months in and Going Strong
What have we learned about the world of radio in a world where the media landscape has changed? For one thing, the power of storytelling is alive and well. We've heard and learned about the ups and downs of launching businesses of all shapes and sizes. A common thread is passion for an idea, the ability to move things forward iteratively and adapt to new challenges and opportunities. Finding mentors and partners helps too.
When Less Is Not More
We live in a fast-paced world, driven by on-demand technology and 24/7 sources of information. As a result, today's workplace has become a complex knowledge environment in which the flow of information is mediated by an ill-understood array of technology and constantly updated information resources.
business execution, innovation
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Driving Digital Marketing Success
The Go To Market Show visited with Dave Cacioppo, President and CEO of Emfluence - a Kansas City-based interactive marketing technology company. He discussed the company's marketing platform and challenges and opportunities companies face in digital marketing channels.
digital marketing, marketing
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Making the Shift
Forty years ago, the job of a marketer was much easier. Fewer product choices. Fewer channels to communicate with potential customers. And no internet to gather and share information about products and services. Produce a product, get the word out and sit back and wait for people to buy. It was 'tell and sell' to the core.
business growth, marketing
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Changing Home Building From the Ground Up
Pierre Martell started in the construction business remodeling homes in the Canadian Maritime province of New Brunswick. While he was successful out of the gate, "Not knowing what you were getting into behind the wall," as Martell says, was a challenge.
brand building, entrepreneur, Social Media
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The Take on Tablets
When it comes to technology, Corey is not swayed by the latest inventions - because these may or may not add value. He is swayed by great user experience. It fascinates him. Drives him to learn more about the dynamic that blends form and function. And keeps him constantly learning and scanning the landscape for new advancements that truly add value.
business application, user experience
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Feel the Rush
Chris Ozimek, Marketing Director for Schlitterbahn, visited the Go to Market Show to talk about the continued expansion at the Kansas City park and the process of marketing an attraction that is still under development.
Kansas City, marketing
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