Centric Projects
Richard Wetzel met with the Go To Market Show to discuss his company, Centric Projects. He explains how Centric Projects is a commercial construction company in Kansas City that uses technology to stay more connected with their clients. He talks about how his company differentiates from others by having “Super Managers” who not only manage the project, but they also can throw on a pair of boots to work on site. Richard also discusses how he has utilized social media to recruit for Centric Projects.
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Internet Privacy and Freedom
Chris Houston visited with the Go To Market Show to talk about his invention, SurfEasy. He explained how SurfEasy is a small portable USB key that secures your Internet connection on any computer. Chris also talks about how he came up with the idea for SurfEasy and how he is getting the word out about his product.
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The NOW system
The Go To Market Show visited with John Bernard to discuss his book Business at the Speed of Now. John explained his NOW system and how businesses can benefit from bringing this system to their workplace. He talks about examples where his NOW system has created an environment where employees are able to take charge and find a solution to problems. John also discusses his feelings about allowing social media in the workplace instead of banishing it.
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Meet Romo
In a Go To Market Show interview, Keller Rinaudo talked about the newly invented robot called Romo. Keller explained how Romo is an affordable and unique robot that uses a smart phone for its brain. He explains how Romo will be young when you first get him, but his capabilities can grow over time. Because Romo uses a smart phone, Romo can learn new things and add new personalities by downloading applications from the app store.
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What is Content Marketing?
Joe Pulizzi met with the Go To Market Show to explain the importance of content marketing. His goal is to help teach brands how to use content marketing to create loyalty and brand awareness for their company. He created the Content Marketing Institute to provide training and education for Brand Marketers. CMI explains what content marketing is and how to use it. Joe Pulizzi also has created a Chief Content Officer Magazine and an event called Content Marketing World.
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Leaving an online legacy for your family
The Go To Market Show visited with Jonathan Whistman, founder of LiveOn, to discuss the idea behind LiveOn and what makes this site so unique. Jonathan explains how LiveOn can help you share family stories across generations and how the site encourages you to leave answers to meaningful questions. The site can hold your photos, videos and can even record your own voice so your family can hear you leave your own memories behind.
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