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Peace. Love. Granola.
Valerie Jennings, affectionately known as the 'Hippie Chick' joined the Go To Market Show to talk about her hand made, all natural granola product and her company's Hippie Chow brand.
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Understanding Social Media ROI
Does social media make sense for our company? How can we use it to reach potential customers? What are the downsides? Where should we start? These are just a few of the questions surrounding the topic and marketing potential of social media. In the end, one question should ultimately drive the social media marketing decision. What's the ROI?
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Changing Home Building From the Ground Up
Pierre Martell started in the construction business remodeling homes in the Canadian Maritime province of New Brunswick. While he was successful out of the gate, "Not knowing what you were getting into behind the wall," as Martell says, was a challenge.
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Engineering a Social Media Solution
Jonathan Mast, Emerging Media Manager at Black & Veatch Corporation, talked about his company's use of social media. He talked about the day-to-day evolution of social media in the company. Embracing its power is a slow process as people work through the challenges of transparency and adapt to the conversational nature of the medium.
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Media Growth Trends
Stefan Tornquist of Econsultancy discusses opportunities and challenges in his Market Growth Trends report.
media publishing, Social Media
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Wealth of Information
Discussing social media monitoring is an ever-changing proposition that matches the fluid nature of the online environment. Through Web and Mobile channels, content is discussed across a wide range of sites. From Facebook and Twitter, to an almost endless landscape of blogs, bookmarks, forums, networks, news, comments, images, video and more.
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